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✨ Social DAOs

Whether it's providing access to digital spaces or physical events, membership based DAOs are a new way to meet and collaborate with internet strangers.

📈 Investment Syndicates

An evolution on the traditional hedge fund or venture fund model, these DAOs pool resources of members to invest in projects the community believes in.

🖼️ NFT Curators

Collectors band together to pool both their capital and their collections. With the resulting liquidity, they can support artists in new ways.

🎁 Grants DAOs

Groups of orientated thinkers and builders are coming together to fund the future of blockchains. These groups may focus on Layer 1s or applications.

📺 Media DAOs

Collaborative groups of creatives join forces to publish essays, podcasts, videos, and much more. Community produced, community owned.

🛠️ Service DAOs

Like a new age LLC, these DAOs serve as the focal point for the development of new crypto projects in a decentralised manner.

🏛️ Protocol DAOs

Decentralised projects issue governance tokens, enabling communities to weigh in on key issues and make their preferences felt through voting.

🚅 DAO Infrastructure

A non-exhaustive collection of the various tools, platforms, and enabling technology for other DAO creators.

🎮 Gaming DAOs

As play-to-earn games continue to find mainstream adoption, DAOs are being created where players and investors can collaborate on the future of gaming.

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