A cartel of $PEEPS who aim to plz
This entry was written by Rohit Singhal.

📙 About the DAO

PleasrDAO is an art collective which collects and curates NFTs. PleasrDAO's thesis is to collect culturally significant pieces, usually associated with a charitable causes.

It consists of artists, NFT collectors, and DeFi leaders, and together they have gained the reputation of being called an "art-collecting empire".

PleasrDAO's collection consists of many notable NFT pieces, including Edward Snowden's Stay Free.

🏆 Notable Differentiators:

  • A charitable twist.
  • Usually dubbed as an "Art Collecting Empire".
  • Potential of becoming the Louvre equivalent of crypto.

📝 Further Reading:

👥 Members:

For a full list of members, click here.

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