The DAO building PartyBid
This entry was written by Rohit Singhal.

📙 About the DAO

PartyDAO is a fully decentralized organization with an aim of shipping products.

It consists of a team of savvy engineers, designers, writers, and smart contract developers. The DAO was formed primarily with the objective to ship the v1 of PartyBid.

PartyBid allows groups of people to pool funds together trustlessly and collectively bid on NFT auctions with those funds.

PartyBid has been now used to win several NFT auctions, most notably a zombie punk.

🏆 Notable Differentiators:

  • Unlike very few other DAOs, PartyDAO actually ships products.
  • PartyBid being used for many note-worthy auctions.

📝 Further Reading:

👥 Members:

For a more exhaustive list, refer here.

⏭️ Related DAOs:

  • PleasrDAO - PleasrDAO was one of the inspirations behind the PartyDAO project.
  • HoneyDAO - Another Service DAO with a different mandate.